About Us

About Wide Valley

Wide Valley is supplier and exporter for the Fertilizers, Chemicals and Mining products & Material which are producing or manufacturing in Our Big and Qualified Factories  in Egypt according the International Requirements in all the world. The Products which Supplied By Us are Processed Using High-Grade Materials And they are checked for the quality. 
Our Fertilizers products to assure that farmers have the nutrients they need to grow enough crops to meet the increasing global requirements for food, feed, fibre and energy.
Wide valley is specialized in exporting and offering the mines ores and Materials whose extracted from our Deserts whose had kept from ancient centuries with those Priceless Treasures. Also, it assures its technical services and gives a promising quality comes as the first criteria for it. Its products are checked at every level from receiving raw materials to all manufacturing steps and packing to ensure all parameters according to the standard of excellence.