Hard-coal coke is classically used as reduction agent, supporting matrix and energy carrier for the production of pig iron in integrated ironworks and in the shaft kilns of the sugar, lime and soda industries, and in non-ferrous metallurgy in various size fractions < 80/90 mm.

For use in hot-blast and cold-blast cupola furnaces in the foundry industry, qualities in grain sizes > 80/90 mm up to 300/350 mm, in particular, are available – depending on customer requirements.

These strict checks are repeated at the destination port.

At our Vlissingen depot, the handling, conveyor and screening system there guarantees the provision of top-quality products.

To optimize logistic onward carriage, there may be interim storage with subsequent screening close to the consumer.

In addition, this coke may also be a useful alternative to lignite coke or anthracite if these materials are subject to process- or application-technology restrictions in the steelworks.

For instance, metallurgical hard-coal coke is already being used today as energy source to increase the proportion of scrap in steel converters or as basic carburizing agent in making electric steel.

Coke are used In the lron and steel lndustry , Foundries ,Ferro alloys , Chemical lndustry and Sugar industry .

Coke  can be produced in our factory in different Sizes according to size and specification requested by the client.

The available sizes 0-40 mm  , 10-25 mm  ,25-40 mm , 40-60 mm  , +40 mm  , – 40 mm  ,+90 mm.